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GTA Vice thành phố Cheats For PC

Like all other Grand Theft auto games, GTA Vice đô thị on PC (including the RockStar Launcher version) contains optional cheat codes that players can use khổng lồ make the trò chơi either easier or crazier, or both. Using these cheats is incredibly easy & we"ll show you exactly how to lớn in this guide.

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Cars can float in GTA Vice đô thị on PC, thanks lớn cheat codes.

Create A New Save


It"s always a good idea to make a new game save before you start using cheats in any game, not just GTA Vice City. That way, you know you can always return lớn the same spot and start playing regularly again.

Type In The Code


To activate the cheat you need to simply type in the associated phrase while playing, without pausing the game. Make sure you pay attention while doing so, as Tommy will react lớn keyboard commands!



If you followed the instructions above, you"ll see a small pop-up indicating cheat activation. If not, repeat the steps.


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GTA Vice city Cheats For PC

Big Head Mode: EXPANDDOMEThis is a new cheat code for the definitive edition only. It won"t work in the original version.

Weapon phối 1: Enter THUGSTOOLSYou"ll get all these weapons, full with ammo: brass knuckles, flame thrower, baseball bat, molotov, pistol, TEC-9, Kruger, shotgun, and sniper rifle.

Weapon phối 2: Enter PROFESSIONALTOOLSYou"ll get all these weapons, full with ammo: rocket launcher, katana, remote grenades, .357, MAC, M4, stubby shotgun, và .308 sniper.

Weapon set 3: Enter NUTTERTOOLSYou"ll get all these weapons, full with ammo: minigun, chainsaw, grenades, .357, MP, M4, SPAS 12, and .308 sniper.

Full Health: Enter ASPIRINEInstant full health.

Full Armor: Enter PRECIOUSPROTECTIONInstant full armor.

Ladies" Man: Enter FANNYMAGNETAll female PEDs will follow Tony around.

Increase Wanted Level: Enter YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVEIncrease your wanted level by one star.

Lower Wanted Level: Enter LEAVEMEALONEDecrease your wanted cấp độ by one star.

Suicide: Enter CANTTAKEITANYMOREYou are instantly killed.

Invincibility: Enter YOUCANTLEAVEMEALONEYou become invulnerable.

Buy All Properties: Enter FULLCITYPEOPLEMINESAll available properties as well as businesses in Vice đô thị will become owned by you.

Fast Mode: Enter ONSPEEDThe trò chơi speed increases.

Mass xe đạp Spawn: Enter FREEWAYFORANGELJOY100 bikes are instantly spawned around you.

Spawn Hunter: Enter AMERICAHELICOPTERSpawns the Hunter attack chopper.

Spawn Aeroplane: Enter FLYINGWAYSSpawns either one of the Dodo or Kimo planes.

Spawn Tank: Enter PANZERSpawns a Rhino tank. Very popular!

Spawn Bloodring Banger: Enter TRAVELINSTYLESpawns the Bloodring Banger type A.

Spawn alternative text Bloodring Banger: Enter GETTHEREQUICKLYSpawns the Bloodring Banger type B.

Spawn Sabre Turbo: Enter GETTHEREFASTSpawns a Sabre Turbo sports car.

Spawn Hotring Racer: Enter GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEEDSpawns the Hotring Racer A type.

Spawn alt Hotring Racer: Enter GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFASTSpawns the Hotring Racer B type.

Spawn Hearse: Enter THELASTRIDESpawns a hearse.

Spawn Limo: Enter ROCKANDROLLCARSpawns the Love Fist limo.

Spawn Trashmaster: Enter RUBBISHCARSpawns a Trashmaster garbage truck.

Spawn Caddie: Enter BETTERTHANWALKINGSpawns a Caddie - a golf cart.

Fat Skin: Enter DEEPFRIEDMARSBARSTony becomes fat.

Skinny Skin: Enter PROGRAMMERTony becomes skinny.

Random Outfit: Enter STILLLIKEDRESSINGUPTony will get a new, random outfit.

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Smoke: Enter CERTAINDEATHTony smokes a cigarette.

Ricardo Skin: Enter CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKEDYou become Ricardo Diaz.

Lance Skin: Enter LOOKLIKELANCEYou become Lance Vance.

Ken Skin: Enter MYSONISALAWYERYou become Ken Rosenberg.

Hilary Skin: Enter ILOOKLIKEHILARYYou become Hilary King.

Jezz Skin: Enter ROCKANDROLLMANYou become Jezz Torent (part of the band Love Fist).

Dick Skin: Enter WELOVEOURDICKYou become Dick from Love Fist.

Phil Skin: Enter ONEARMEDBANDITYou become Phil Cassidy.

Sonny Skin: Enter IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNYYou become Sonny Forelli.

Mercedes Skin: Enter FOXYLITTLETHINGYou become Mercedes Cortez.

Flying Ships: Enter AIRSHIPAll ships và boats can take off and fly

Proximity Explosion: Enter BIGBANGIf any vehicles are close they will explode.

Road Rage: Enter MIAMITRAFFICNPC drivers will start trying khổng lồ crash you.

Pink Cars: Enter AHAIRDRESSERSCARAll trò chơi cars turn pink.

Black Cars: Enter IWANTITPAINTEDBLACKAll game cars turn black.

Flying Vehicles: Enter COMEFLYWITHMECars and bikes can fly.

Handling Buff: Enter GRIPISEVERYTHINGVehicles will handle better and be easier to lớn drive.

Greenlight: Enter GREENLIGHTTraffic lights are always green.

Amphibious Cars: Enter SEAWAYSCars will drive on water.

Invisible Cars: Enter WHEELSAREALLINEEDOnly oto wheels will be visible, the rest of them will disappear. Does not work in the definitive edition.

Big Wheels: Enter LOADSOFLITTLETHINGSSports cars get enlarged wheels.

Clear Weather: Enter ALOVELYDAYTurns the weather to clear.

Light Cloud Weather: Enter APLEASANTDAYTurns the weather lớn light cloud cover.

Dense Cloud Weather: Enter ABITDRIEGTurns the weather khổng lồ heavy cloud cover.

Foggy Weather: Enter CANTSEEATHINGTurns the weather to lớn foggy.

Rainy Weather: Enter CATSANDDOGSTurns the weather to lớn rainy.

Quick Clock: Enter LIFEISPASSINGMEBYTime in-game will pass more quickly.

Slow Time: Enter BOOOOOORINGYou enter a slow-motion game play mode.

Riot: Enter FIGHTFIGHTFIGHTPEDs go crazy, attacking you & one another.

Hostile PEDs: Enter NOBODYLIKESMEPEDs go crazy, only attacking you.

Armed PEDs: Enter OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMSPEDs will carry weapons.

Armed Female PEDs: Enter CHICKSWITHGUNSAll female PEDs will carry weapons.


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