Game doremon câu cá

ModelFan Blade Material Power(kW)Voltage(V)Air Volume(m³/h)Body Dimension(mm)Fan Blade Dimension(mm)Rotation Speed(r/min)Noise(dB) Steel0.37/4P2207000480*480*3203801450≤552.500.000 Steel0.45/4P2209000580*580*3204801450≤572.800.000 Steel0.55/4P22012000680*680*3205801450≤603.000.000 Steel0.55/4P38015000740*740*4005801450≤603.400.000

Product Description:


The body toàn thân frame is galvanized powder coating tole. The front of the sản phẩm has shutters that automatically close khổng lồ prevent outdoor dust or strange objects from entering. In addition, they can also avoid the affects of heavy wind và snow.This series of products have many dimensions lớn choose, stable appearance, beautiful và easy lớn install.The tín đồ blades are made of stainless steel và designed with 3d technology, which is stable in operation, large air volume, low noise, etc.

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It belongs lớn a production line that adopts new sản phẩm technology. The direct rotation between the professionally designed motor and fan hâm mộ can save up to 60% of the power, và the rotation tốc độ can also reach 1450 r/min, the large air volume is from 7,000 lớn 15,000 m³/h , low noise, environmental protection and easy lớn repair.


Product Advantages:

1. Low investment cost & low energy consumption: With the same cooling rate, the one-time investment cost is about one-sixth of the air conditioner, và the operating cost is about one-tenth of the air conditioner;

2. The cooling effect is fast: The cooling effect with the high-efficiency cooling pad is remarkable, và the temperature can be reduced to lớn about 28-32 degrees, which is consistent with the human toàn thân temperature. If the water from the well is used as the source of the water tank, the effect will be better, which can be compared with the effect of air conditioning;

3. Maintain good air quality in the working environment: The negative pressure ventilation and cooling system integrates ventilation, air exchange, dust removal and cooling to increase the oxygen content of the space & improve work efficiency. The air is fresh and moist, and the air cleanliness can reach 99%.

Product Application:

1. Used for exhaust ventilation: Installed outside the workshop window, generally choose the down direction air vent, exhaust air to outside và extract the peculiar gas.

2. Combining with cooling pad khổng lồ cool the workshop: no matter how hot your workshop in the hot summer, this bộ combo will reduce the temperature of your workshop khổng lồ about 28-32 degrees và there is a certain humidity.

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3. Application Range:

A. Suitable for workshops that have high temperature or peculiar smell: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastic plant, aluminum profile plant, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating plant, various chemical plants.

B. Suitable for people intensive spaces: such as garment factories, various assembly workshops, & Internet cafes.

C. It is suitable for ventilating và cooling horticulture greenhouses and cooling livestock farms.

D. It is especially suitable for places that need cooling and humidity. Such as cotton spinning factory, wool spinning factory, linen spinning factory, weaving factory, chemical fiber factory, knitting factory, silk weaving factory, sock factory và other various textile factories.