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Quickly create, design & manage auctions.

You are only 5 minutes away from having your auction built và ready for items. We took the pain và confusion out of getting started.

Build An Auction

“I’m 74 years old và I didn’t need to điện thoại tư vấn my Grandkids to lớn set up this auction for me! The software was easy to use and the end of auction experience was a breeze!” Theresa B. - Kiwanis Club Chicago



More money goes directly to lớn your cause.

You can accept cash, checks, bank transfers, or credit cards. It’s your money, collect it on your own terms.

Collect More Money

“We just completed an auction that raised over $30,000 for a family battling cancer. Charity Auctions made it possible with very little cost. 100% we will use them again.” Charles Wright - Matheny Family Fund

Manage your donors & donations effortlessly.

Our Donation CRM allows you khổng lồ easily track all donations & donors in an easy-to-use dashboard. Export all information or sync with our integration partners lớn unlock more donor management tools.

Manage My Donors

“The people coming to lớn our events say it’s easy to lớn use và we can kiểm tra people out so much faster than we ever could in the past. I highly recommend trying Charity Auctions out, you’ll never go anywhere else.” Jeff Labun - West Michigan Spartans


Build your auction in minutes, not days. Three steps is all it takes lớn have your auction up in as little as 5 minutes.

1. Build

Answer a few questions about your sự kiện and your auction will be ready to populate with items in less than 5 minutes.


2. địa chỉ cửa hàng

Upload items in bulk or địa chỉ cửa hàng them one at a time. Our thành phầm wizard will walk you through the process.


3. Chia sẻ

When you are ready to go live, share your auction’s custom URL through email, social media, và your website.


Friendly technical tư vấn and training when you need it.

Other companies charge hundreds of dollars for your auction tư vấn and training. We offer it for free.

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Pre-Register Guests

When you pre-register your guests, this gets everyone phối up for the auction before it begins. Pre-register guests and let them start bidding as soon as they get a ticket.


Attendee Management

Mange your attendee communications via your Charity Auctions Today dashboard. Our donor management system works for you so you can raise more funds, & help more people.

Accept Donations

We have integrated payment systems so you can accept donations via credit card, check, PayPal, & more.


Fast kiểm tra out

You can manage your entire auction from anywhere in the world. Our cloud based platform lets you & unlimited volunteers login from anywhere to lớn help you manage the auction.

Live sự kiện bidding

Raise more money at your live sự kiện when you ditch the old paper bid sheets and move to lớn mobile. You’ll raise more money with di động bidding.


Sell sự kiện tickets

Sell tickets lớn your next gala or sự kiện and put everything on tự động pilot. Pre-register guests for the auction & even let them start bidding as soon as they buy a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, if you have some questions, you aren’t alone. Here are answers khổng lồ some of the most common questions we get.

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Yes, we have two settings 1. You can force all bidders khổng lồ pay a specific fee amount you set.

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2. You can can give them the option of paying the fee or opting out of the fee.

If items vày not sell, you will not be charged any fees. When you select the free plan, it"s completely risk không tính tiền to run an auction on our site. You only pay a fee if your cống phẩm sells. You can reopen your auction at any time to lớn try & sell the items again at a later date.

Yes, you can download any data we collect. It"s a great way khổng lồ keep your donor management database up lớn date. Also, check out our integrations to see if we can auto-update your donor management tools.

The management fee is a fee we charge khổng lồ use our platform. If you select our không lấy phí plan, we will charge a 5% management fee of the total amount raised. For example, if your auction raises $1000, we will collect a $50 management fee. Depending on your auction goals and size, you could limit management fees by choosing a prepaid plan. Note: that all commission fees can be passed on lớn the bidders during your mix up process, thus eliminating your organization"s fees entirely.

Yes, you can request to lớn have your auction payout mailed lớn you by check. Your organization will need lớn go through an approval process và checks are mailed out by WePay or PayPal.

Depending on your chosen credit card provider, Stripe, PayPal or WePay will auto-deduct our commission fees và deposit your net auction funds in as little as 48 hours.

We partnered with Stripe, PayPal & WePay to process credit card payments. The typical rate is 2.9% + $.30 a transaction but varies depending on who you use. Stripe, PayPal và WePay accounts can be created from your Auction Dashboard inside tinhte.edu.vn. If you have an existing account, you can easily connect that account to your auction lớn collect funds.

Yes, when you use one of our prepaid plans, you have the ability to bypass credit thẻ fees and collect cash or checks offline. If you are a company running an auction for your employees, this is a great way to use payroll deductions.

Yes. If you are running a live event, you can start the bidding online lớn get the bidding started and then over online bidding & bring the auction offline. We even have bid sheets you can print off that will include all online bid history.

We have live tư vấn available when you need us. Feel không tính phí to use our live chat, email support or give us a gọi anytime. If you would lượt thích to phối up a kiểm tra or just talk, you can pick a time here.

You"re in Good Company

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